Cristie and Rubrik focus on WindCores in climate change

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On October 13th, Cristie and windCores will let you participate in the development process of the second green data center in the wind farm. Interested users and partners can be there live and convince themselves of the innovative solution during a one-hour webinar.
Environmental protection and innovative solutions are important issues at Cristie Data GmbH. The company pays attention to the use of climate-friendly technology in all of its solutions. Since 2020, the specialist for secure and cognitive data management has also relied on sustainability and “green” data centers when providing its services. Together with Rubrik Inc., Cristie develops highly available and secure backup and disaster recovery-as-a-service solutions for medium-sized companies. Both companies attach great importance to speed.

No business can afford long periods of downtime.

Cristie backups in the WindCores-RZ are resistant to the consequences of ransomware attacks thanks to Rubrik’s invulnerable file system. The architecture is designed in such a way that in the event of a disaster in the primary resources, the backup system can be used as an alternative productive environment. This is also made possible by the redundant high-speed connections of the WindCores data centers.

Self-sufficient self-sufficient

The system generates the required electricity itself. The servers are supplied with real green energy directly from the generator of the wind turbine.
WestfalenWIND IT GmbH & Co KG builds data centers directly in modern wind turbines. The certified data centers of availability class III have a redundant network connection with fiber optics and direct radio as well as fire-resistant and burglar-proof racks. The data is also protected against electromagnetic compatibility interference (EMC).
On October 13th, Marco Vögele, expert for data management solutions at Cristie Data GmbH, Dr. Fiete Dubberke, Managing Director IT at windCores GmbH, and Tobias Baum, Channel System Engineer at Rubrik, will be demonstrating the invulnerable data storage devices and the live recovery of systems from Stockholm and Niedernberg. The webinar will be recorded and later published on Cristie’s YouTube channel.
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