windCORE Sustainable Backup

A backup solution powered by sustainable energy, protected from ransomware and physically secure.

Sounds too good to be true right? This vision become a reality through our partnership with windCORES and Rubrik.


Our renewable energy backup solution is hosted in wind turbines, utilizing clean electricity directly where is it produced. A wind turbine is the perfect place for a data center. It offers sufficient space, has high-performance data connections and has more than enough power on tap for compute intensive applications. Furthermore, the sites are physically secure and geographically remote, unwanted visitors will not go unnoticed.


Of course data security is vitally important also. Many ransomware attacks target backups. That’s why it’s vital to ensure your backups are 100% protected and resilient. Our Cloud Backup solution powered by Rubrik applies zero trust data management, such that no one is trustworthy. No user. No application. No device. To meet this new standard, data must be natively immutable so that it can never be modified, encrypted, or deleted by ransomware. Data needs to be ready at all times so you can recover what you need, and never pay a ransom.

The benefits of moving to Sustainable Energy Backup

In Germany, renewable energy systems are repeatedly shut down because the power grid is overloaded. In 2019 enough energy to power 33% of all data centers in Germany in a climate-friendly manner was wasted. We exploit this untapped potential to bring you the the greenest and safest data center for your data.

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Cristie Data Solutions Suite

Data Management

Cristie Data can give you back control of your data within multi-vendor storage environments.

Cyber Security

Cristie Data can help you with all aspects of cyber security

Replication & Migration

CloneManager provides continuous replication and migration for your entire estate

System Recovery

Cristie adds automation and fully auditable recovery tests that can be scheduled

Cloud Protection

Whether it’s user error, an outage, or a ransomware attack—you need a backup!

Cloud Backup

Installation on-premises, at a centralized Data Centre or Remote/Branch Office