Cristie Data has stood for reliable storage, backup and disaster recovery solutions for over 50 years.

The Cristie group of companies founded in Stroud, England in 1969 looks after more than 300,000 installations worldwide. We work with some of the most advanced modern data management technology partners to provide a range of highly scalable solutions that facilitate data growth without vendor lock-in.


We support you with our managed and professional services so that your IT infrastructure is always available and functions smoothly. With our Care Packs for a wide variety of environments, we extend the support services of various manufacturers for our customers. Tape and tape libraries are still an integral part of many IT infrastructures. Whether migration, storage or legally compliant destruction – Cristie Data have the best solution for all your requirements.


As a manufacturer, Cristie develops its own software solutions in the fields of system replication, migration and disaster recovery. The Cristie Virtual Appliance, Cristie Backup Solution and Bare Metal Recovery solutions fit seamlessly into existing backup applications. Our solutions can restore complete systems to different hardware platforms while providing powerful time saving DR testing orchestration to ensure your systems will actually recover in the event of a disaster.

Find out everything about our exciting path to becoming a data management specialist in our company's history.