Secure Deletion

Cristie offers BSI compliant media destruction in accordance with ISO 66399.

The printed data from a single hard disk would cover several soccer fields. What would happen if a hard drive full of confidential customer and company data fell into the wrong hands?

“The BSI says: To ensure that information does not fall into the wrong hands, a regulated procedure is required to completely and reliably delete or destroy data and data carriers. If data carriers that have not been erased or are only insufficiently erased are passed on, sold, or scrapped, the unintentional disclosure of information can cause considerable damage. Above all, cryptographic keys, passwords, confidential information, and other highly sensitive data represent a potential risk. Therefore, every agency and every company must have a procedure for secure deletion.”

Cristie Media Destruction Services

Key Features


Compliance with the highest security standards


Employees instructed and obliged to comply with basic protection


Confirmation of the proper destruction of all media


Closed transport chain


Inventory of all media


Destruction according to ISO 66399

CMD Advanced

The media to be destroyed will be picked from you by one of our employees on site. The type and number of data carriers are recorded. If the data carriers are clearly marked, this information is also recorded. The media are brought directly to our nearest branch and stored there in a closed container until they are actually destroyed. Storage and storage are carried out in accordance with the specified safety standards. For destruction, the media are picked up by our certified partner under the supervision of our employees. The actual destruction takes place in accordance with ISO 66399. You will receive a confirmation from us that the media has been destroyed properly and in accordance with regulations.


Cristie Data Solutions Suite

SLA Dienstleistungen

Unsere mehrstufigen SLAs und modularen Serviceoptionen stellen sicher, dass Ihre IT-Infrastruktur immer verfügbar ist

Migration Services

Mit unserer einzigartigen „Dissimilar Environment“-Technologie können wir Ihre kompletten Systeme physisch, in die Cloud oder virtuell migrieren

Managed Backup

Cristie Managed Backup Service erfüllt alle Compliance-Anforderungen und ist eine echte Alternative zum Replizieren von Daten

Tape Services

Planen Sie, eine alte Bandbibliothek zu ersetzen? Sie benötigen im Rahmen eines Projektes ein neues Bandsystem?

Sicheres Löschen

Cristie bietet BSI-konforme Datenträgervernichtung gemäß ISO 66399 an.


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