Data Management

Prepare your Data Management Infrastructure for the future

Enterprises are struggling to manage more data, across more storage silos than ever before, very often trapped by legacy data management systems. Cristie Data can give you back control of your data within multi-vendor storage environments.

We work with the latest storage management technologies designed to make it easy to globally manage all files across otherwise incompatible multi-vendor storage silos. Whether you are looking to simply improve data storage efficiency to save costs and increase performance, or grappling with Exabyte scale archives and beyond, we can help. We leverage advanced metadata-driven technologies from innovative vendors to enable intelligent data management across local, network, tape, and cloud storage.

Are you suffering from vendor lock-in?

Speak to our team to hear how we give organizations global visibility, search, and control of their files across all storage resources, while delivering valuable data insights with real-time analytics and reporting.

  • Remove Complexity

    Simplify management of data across otherwise incompatible multi-vendor storage silos.

  • Enforce Data Protection

    Air-Gap Replication To Help Protect Against Ransomware

  • Reduce Costs

    Combine low-cost LTFS tape in a seamless fabric with flash, disk, and cloud.

  • Deploy Metadata-Driven Policies

    Metadata-driven Data Management providing visibility, search, and control of all files across all storage resources.

  • Self-Healing Architectures

    Highly available configurations, with no single point of failure.

Technologies we use

The growth of unstructured data is inevitable across all industries. The problem is that as data grows, so do storage costs. The result is IT organizations must manage data across multi-vendor storage silos more than ever before. Cristie Data focus on solutions that combine cross-platform data management with policy-based storage resource management tools. Advanced metadata-driven technologies enable intelligent data management across flash, disk, cloud, and tape storage at any scale.


Cristie Data Solutions Suite

Cyber Security

Cristie Data can help you with all aspects of cyber security

Replication & Migration

CloneManager provides continuous replication and migration for your entire estate

System Recovery

Cristie adds automation and fully auditable recovery tests that can be scheduled

Cloud Protection

Whether it’s user error, an outage, or a ransomware attack—you need a backup!

Cloud Backup

Installation on-premises, at a centralized Data Centre or Remote/Branch Office

Sustainable Backup

Sounds too good to be true right? This vision become a reality through our partnership with windCORES and Rubrik.