Migration Services

Cristie Migration Services (CMS) is an individually configured service package that helps you migrate from one environment to another.

The heart of every migration is our Cristie CloneManager®

With our unique “Dissimilar Environment” technology, we can migrate your complete systems to physical, cloud or virtual environments. After an initial replication of all data, changes are then incrementally synchronized. In this way, you can still work with both the old and the new system without interruption or loss of performance. Data encryption can be activated for migration, this prevents the loss of confidential information on the migration route.

CMS Key Benefits

  • Platform independent

  • Smart migration

  • Data leak prevention

  • Migration in any direction

How does CMS Work?

In the run-up to the migration, the data (e.g. Networker Save Sets) that are to be migrated to the new target system are identified. The process of migration is based on the principle of recovery. Parallel streams make the migration process as efficient as possible. Any file that is restored is written directly to the new environments memory. This saves important memory resources. Data from the system to be replaced is still available for restore requests during the migration period. Data that should not be migrated to the new system can be moved directly to the long-term archive.


Cristie Data Services

Professional Services

Our Multi-level SLAs and modular service options ensure that your IT infrastructure is always available

Migration Services

With our unique "Dissimilar Environment" technology, we can migrate your complete systems to physical, cloud or virtual

Managed Backup

Cristie Managed Backup Service meets all compliance requirements and is a real alternative for replicating data

Tape Services

Are you planning to replace an old tape library? Do you need a new tape system as part of a project?

Secure Deletion

Cristie offers BSI compliant media destruction in accordance with ISO 66399.

Email Archiving

The storage space required by business e-mails increases between four and ten percent annually.