Cloud Protection

A Cloud Backup Solution for Microsoft 365, Salesforce®, Dynamics 365, and Google Workspace

Cristie Cloud Protection stores everything within your cloud environment with a monthly pay-per-use subscription and no minimum term contract.

Did you know that Cloud Providers Protect their Service – not your data! Your cloud service comes with a Service Level Agreement (SLA).
But a Service Level Agreement doesn’t cover it all.

Cloud providers like Microsoft even encourage their customers to seek 3rd party backup and recovery solutions.

Cristie Cloud Protection will keep your data protected!

What’s the best approach to protecting your cloud data? You’ve already made the choice to go to the cloud for a SaaS service like, Google Workspace or Microsoft. So, avoid the overhead of VM-based, on-premises, or hybrid solutions and stick with SaaS!

Cristie Cloud Protection has been backing up your business-critical content since SharePoint was Team Services, and Microsoft 365 was BPOS. Our SaaS solution for multi-cloud backup has been in market since 2013. We know backup, and we’ll cover your SaaS!

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