CBMR standalone Backup and Recovery

Cristie Standalone System Recovery

NBMR lets you perform a complete bare machine system recovery direct from a Networker backup. It also provides recovery assurance, as the software can be scheduled to run through a complete recovery process. This fully automates the creation of the recovered machine and then runs test scripts to verify integrity and functionality.

Cristie Standalone System Recovery to and from Physical, Virtual or Cloud targets

Recover entire systems following a disaster or cyberattack

Recover entire systems following a disaster or cyberattack Cristie CBMR software protects your critical servers by recovering them directly to like or dissimilar target

Trust your DR environment with Cristie recovery simulation

Adding CBMR to your disaster recovery environment allows recovery of operating systems, applications, user configuration and data. With our enhanced testing you can simulate system recovery with DR automation to verify that your recovery procedures will work when you need them most, and all without having to rely on manual intervention.

Comprehensive reports to meet compliance directives

System DR process audits are a core component of many industry compliance directives. Our DR orchestration tools enable the automation of recovery simulation reports to simplify your regulatory compliance procedures.

Key features & benefits for Cristie Recovery CBMR users

Support & Pricing

CBMR is sold globally by Cristie Software and our channel partners and is available for both perpetual and subscription based licensing.

Broad OS and virtualization platform support

CBMR can recover systems from Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, VMware, Hyper-V and cloud platforms such as Azure, OCI and Amazon EC2

DR Automation and Recovery Sandbox testing

CBMR provides DR automation and orchestration capabilities, plus the ability to recover systems within a sandbox environment to validate recovery processes and RTO objectives

You can also use CBMR as a flexible and scalable resource for server migration, and it can recover to any available environment; physical, virtual or cloud