Introducing Rubrik Cyber Recovery

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Introducing Rubrik® Cyber Recovery

According to a recent Bitkom study the German economy suffers annual damage of around 203 billion euros due to theft of data, sabotage, espionage, and the theft of IT equipment. This is the result from a 2022 study of more than 1,000 German companies covering different sectors. To put things in context the 2018 survey reported a loss of ‘only’ 103 billion euros. A large portion of this increase is due to cybercrime which is drastically on the rise. Companies are investing in cybersecurity, but very few test the cyber readiness and response measures they have set in place or can prove that their ransomware recovery plan works. The State of Data Security report from Rubrik Zero Labs revealed that one-third of IT and security leaders believe their management team has little to no confidence in their ability to recover from a cyberattack.


To recover from a ransomware attack efficiently and with minimal impact to your business requires speed and confidence in your data. These parameters are dependent on a reliable data backup and security solution. The right solution can help you avoid ever paying any ransom by providing you with an unimpaired, immutable backup of your data that you can use to recover.


Unfortunately for many organizations security measures and data integrity can fall short of providing adequate protection resulting in significant disruption. A recent example is the ransomware attack on the University of Duisburg-Essen which was reported in November 2022 with reconstruction of the IT infrastructure still ongoing at the time of writing (January 2023).

Rubrik Cyber Recovery – A new way to test & validate your ransomware plan

Proving that you can recover from a ransomware attack is not an easy task. How can you identify and resolve your plan’s weak points? How do you ensure your plan will work in the real world? The good news is that Rubrik Cyber Recovery, announced in November 2022 as part of the Rubrik Security Cloud, provides an answer to all these questions. Not only does it offer a simple way to test, validate, and document the success of your cyber recovery plans, but it also provides a way to instantly recover the last known clean copy of data into production while performing forensic investigations offline within an isolated recovery environment.

Take the Uncertainty out of Ransomware Recovery

Very often when an attack happens IT and Cybersecurity teams have no choice but to conduct their post-attack forensic investigations directly in the production environment which risks extending the recovery process and length of downtime. Business operations must be restored as quickly as possible, so a rapid recovery is non-negotiable. Consequently, organizations are often forced to choose between meeting their recovery objectives or ensuring that they can contain and prevent reinfection of production workloads.

Rubrik Cyber Recovery solves this dilemma with the follow key features.


Perform forensic Investigations without hindering recovery: Forensic investigations and cyber assessments on infected snapshots can be undertaken in isolated environments while operations are restored quickly using a last known good snapshot.


Verify backup snapshots ahead of recovery: Last-known clean snapshots can be easily investigated to ensure they are completely free of malware before recovery.


No installation required: Rubrik Cyber Recovery is integrated into Rubrik Security Cloud, which secures data across your enterprise, cloud, and SaaS applications.


Accelerated security testing with Clone Backup Snapshots: Rubrik Cyber Recovery provides the ability to quickly clone snapshots into isolated environments so that organizations can perform destructive tests more easily, enhancing their cyber readiness and testing efficiency.


Cyber Recovery validation with reporting: Rubrik Cyber Recovery enables customers to easily test their cyber recovery plans including sequence, timing, and failure points while tracking performance metrics to ensure their organization is prepared to meet recovery SLAs. Reports detailing recovery performance can be downloaded on-demand to prove that regular testing of cyber recovery capabilities is taking place.

Simplify secure backup deployment with Cristie Solution Services

Cristie Data is a certified Rubrik partner with Rubrik Velocity ELITE certification and an authorized support partner. We can provide a secure backup solution as a complete appliance with unique features and bundles containing professional services, hardware, value added features backed by the market leading Zero Trust data protection platform from Rubrik® and the Cristie Subscription, pay per use, or SaaS based consumption models.

Have confidence in your Ransomware recovery with written evidence of your readiness

Unfortunately, with the exponential rise in cybercrime, for most organizations it is not a case of if an attack happens, it is a case of when. With Rubrik Cyber Recovery you can play out your recovery strategy, identify and resolve any weak points, and provide a report to the management board demonstrating that you are prepared in the event of an attack. Contact the Cristie Data team for more information, or better still, request a demo of the Rubrik Security Cloud and Cyber Recovery functionality to see these powerful features in action.

READY by Cristie, the new way to beat cybercrime.

Expect the Unexpected. Ransomware reaches all organizations. No organization is exempt from cybercrime. Ransomware attacks reach the periphery of every organization daily. Network breaches are


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