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Cristie CBMR

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  • Rapid and secure standalone backup and recovery
  • Features
  • Benefits
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  • How it works
  • System requirements
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Rapid and secure standalone backup and recovery

CBMR is a standalone, easy-to-use backup solution that provides full protection for data files and databases, as well as bare machine recovery that restores critical servers in just minutes. You can also use CBMR as a flexible and scalable resource for server migration.


  • Standalone backup solution, without the need for extra infrastructure, or management
  • Recover to any point in time provided by the backups
  • Supports Window, Linux, AIX and Solaris and dissimilar hardware, virtual and cloud environments
  • Recover entire workloads including; OS, applications, data and configuration information
  • Improve recovery time objectives by restoring your server in as little as ten minutes. Multiple servers can be recovered simultaneously
  • Recover to a range of system recovery targets
  • Schedule regular or instant recovery simulations to virtual or cloud, to test whether your backup will recover in the event of a failure
  • Manage multiple, simultaneous system recoveries on site, or remotely
  • The validity and integrity of backups can be checked, ensuring its readable, including a byte by byte comparison against its disk counterpart


  • Saves storage space, network bandwidth, processing power and management resources
  • Recoveries can be rolled back to a time before the disaster occurred
  • Most systems can be protected using CBMR
  • The recovered machine does not need to be calibrated and tuned to run as it did before
  • Meet aggressive service level agreements recovery time and point objectives
  • Flexibility to suit most environments
  • Enjoy complete confidence that your system backups will recover
  • Easy, secure, mobile access
  • Ideal for remote offices, branch locations and smaller datacentres

“We spent a lot of time testing CBMR and using it in our DR tests. It has enabled us to restore our Dell servers to Compaq servers at our DR site.” – MTL Insurance

How it works

CBMR is a simple but powerful backup software solution, that creates a backup of your entire system as well as the data files and databases that you specify. The backup can be held on a network share, on a tape device, a library or on a standalone NAS device. The software will also provide quick recovery of the operating system in the event of system failure or human error. The recovered machine can be on dissimilar hardware or on a Virtual or Cloud machine
CBMR also provides the ability to clone to a new machine from an existing backup. The cloning option allows the hostname and/or the IP address to be changed during the recovery.
CBMR allows you to backup data on your system to any backup location attached to your computer or network, including ftp, tape, VMware, Hyper-V, Spectrum Protect, Azure and AWS public clouds. You can then examine the content of the backup and restore any desired files or directories. Flexible backup types and destinations. There are four pre-configured backup methods to choose from with CBMR:
  • Normal – backup selected files, reset the archive
  • Copy – backup selected files, no change to archive
  • Differential – backup all the files that are changed/new since the last Normal or Incremental backup
  • Incremental – same as differential but the archive will also be reset

System requirements

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Licensing & pricing

CBMR requires one license per system it protects and includes 12 months’ free support and maintenance.