Cristie Data is the first Rubrik Authorized Support Partner (RASP) in Germany

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Rubrik offers next-generation easy and fast data management

Data availability always and everywhere is Cristie’s top priority. Rubrik’s portfolio of unified cloud, edge, and on-premises data management and protection solutions complement our existing solutions.
In Germany, we were the first company to achieve the status of a Rubrik Authorized Support Partner (RASP). Partner status (RASP) means that our technical specialists have completed the highest Rubrik training and are now fully accredited. We are now available for our customers as a central point of contact with even more specialist knowledge.
Rubrik’s unique software platform enables organizations to unlock the full value of their data – data that is increasingly distributed across data centers and clouds.
Volker Wester, Managing Director of Cristie-Data GmbH, is enthusiastic: “Most of the backup solutions available on the market are not designed for managing data in cloud environments. They cannot keep up with the speed or complexity of the demands of modern IT architectures. With Rubric, backup is no longer just a block of costs. From the first second we were convinced of the user first mentality and a deep understanding of customer requirements. ”
Customers around the world choose Rubrik to automate self-service at scale and remove the complexity of legacy backups while maintaining governance, compliance, and security. In this way, companies can make their business hours more flexible, accelerate the development of their core business and use the cloud for digital transformations.
The classifieds platform provides data protection for modern workloads and is designed for simplicity and automation,” confirms Pernilla Arensparr, CEO of Cristie Nordic. “The easy-to-understand system guarantees a quick start of your backups with minimal manual effort.”
For both Cristie Data and Cristie Nordic, the Rubrik platform is a meaningful addition to their portfolio of existing data protection solutions and is specifically aimed at organizations that quickly need an on-premises solution for all or part of their environment.
“Rubrik is a good choice for companies with 200+ VMs, on-premises and hybrid environments,” says Pernilla Arensparr. “We believe that the platform will be beneficial for medium-sized and large companies in both the private and public sectors.”
The Rubrik platform is available through Cristie Data GmbH and Cristie Nordic and is already being used successfully in several large organizations in the Nordic and DACH region.