Cristie Project Archive – CPA

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The CPA provides each user or user group with a directory, the so-called “IN folder”, on the network. The “IN folder” is on the CPA server and represents the gateway to the archive. The user collects the files to be swapped out and moves them to the “IN folder”. This process can be implemented manually or using appropriate software. As the last file, the user copies the so-called CPA trigger into the directory. The CPA trigger is a file that indicates to the CPA that the files can start being swapped out. As soon as the CPA trigger is recognized in the directory, the CPA processes the files. They are combined into a project container and encrypted. After that, the containers are stored in the connected swap space.
After the container with the project files has been stored in the swap space, the user receives a receipt. This can be sent by e-mail or stored in a specified directory. On the one hand, the receipt serves as proof of successful outsourcing, on the other hand, the files can be restored to any location using it. The document contains, in addition to various

For more information, please read our CPA data sheet or email us using our contact form. If you are interested in CPA as a Service, please send us an email using the CPAaaS email form.